LDS Girl with Leukemia Gets Baptized Despite Treatments, Shares Beautiful Testimony

by | Feb. 24, 2016

Mormon Life

Emma's story was recently featured in The Friend magazine. In it, she gave three simple tips to help others stand tall in the gospel:

  • Look for the good things happening in your life.
  • Be creative to make things work—like when I gave a talk over video chat!
  • Pray always, especially when things get hard.

She also shared this touching testimony: "I know Heavenly Father cares about me because He gave me so many blessings. He can do the same for anyone. If you are going through a hard time, stay strong. Keep fighting no matter what, and make good choices. Even though things can start off crummy, they can end up a lot better."

Here's the rest of Emma's touching story.

In early spring of 2014, my seven-year old daughter, Emma, was diagnosed with strep throat. My once active daughter was now tiring easily and taking naps–something she never did before getting sick. Her pediatrician prescribed a 10-day treatment of antibiotics and the usual suggestions (e.g., get plenty of rest, drink lots of liquids, etc.) that normally accompany an illness like this.

Toward the end of the 10 days, my daughter wasn’t showing any signs of improvement; she still had a high fever and was very lethargic. That Saturday night, my wife and I decided that we should take her to the emergency room. We knew something wasn’t right.

The doctor examined her and saw that she was still running a high fever. He gave Emma an oral steroid, Prednisone, and told us to continue giving her the antibiotic and to return if she didn’t get better.

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