LDS Grandmother Makes Hundreds of Sock Monkeys for Kids

There’s a lot of monkey business going on in the Murrieta home of Marcia Sattley, but don’t worry because it’s all good. In her spare time, the 63-year-old grandmother is busy making cute and colorful sock monkeys to give to children who need comforting. Over the past four years, she has made hundreds of monkeys and donated them to children’s hospitals and she recently began donating them to Riverside County’s children’s advocacy court.

"These children have been taken from their homes, and are in foster care. Many times they haven’t seen their parents since they were taken out of the homes.....until in court. It’s a very disturbing experience for them, as any of us can imagine," Sattley said. "The lawyers have little stuffed animals for them to hold, and the monkeys have been something for the boys who aren’t as much into stuffed animals. Sadly, there are a tremendous number of cases that go through the court each week. Lots of monkeys are needed."

She has a blog spot called Sock Monkeys 4 Kids and has documented her monkey making. There are also stories of how children have been comforted by the monkeys on the blogspot.

Follow the link below for the rest of this story, or visit Sattley's blog, sockmonkeys4kids, for more photos and from people around the world who have gotten involved in this fun service project.




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