LDS Images of Christ Popular Among Non-Mormons

Earlier this summer, a family member handed me a handful of pamphlets she’d picked up during a recent trip to the Jersey Shore. Knowing of my own interests in Methodist history, she thought I’d appreciate the literature she’d picked up at the Ocean Grove Camp Meeting Association in Ocean Grove, New Jersey. Methodism has a long and rich history in New Jersey—Asbury Park, a seaside community made famous by Bruce Springsteen, was named after the father of American Methodism, Francis Asbury, and the town of Ocean Grove traces its own roots to the efforts of two Methodist ministers in the mid-19th century to establish a permanent camp meeting site to host summer retreats and worship services. While I found the content of the pamphlets interesting, I was struck most by the image adorning the tri-fold pamphlet advertising a series of lectures entitled “Our God Present During Difficulty.”

The painting should be a familiar one to Mormon readers. Entitled “The Lord is My Shepherd,” it was painted by LDS artist Simon Dewey, whose larger body of work adorns the walls of many Latter-day Saints, regularly appears in official church publications, and has been featured in several books sold at popular LDS bookstores. That it is featured on the front of a flyer for a series of lectures offered by a non-Mormon is notable, I think.

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