Latter-day Saint MLB Player Bryce Harper Helps Woman Surprise Her Husband with Sweetest Baby Announcement

When a couple celebrating their two-year wedding anniversary decided to spend it watching spring training, they had no idea they would be making headlines.

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Lauren decided to surprise her husband, Will, with news that she was pregnant at the training, but she decided to recruit the help of one of his favorite players, Latter-day Saint Bryce Harper. While watching the Nationals beat the Mets, Lauren approached the Nationals' manager Dave Martinez, telling him she had a "strange and probably far-reaching scheme in mind," according to mlb.com. 

That's when she revealed her plans for the baby announcement. "Coach, of course, was incredibly nice and congratulated me and said he would see what he could do," Lauren told mlb.com.

Five-time All-Star Bryce Harper, who will celebrate his own two-year anniversary later this year, was all in. After the game, as the team headed back to the locker room, Harper and Martinez approached the couple. While Harper signed Will's custom Harper bat, Lauren slipped Martinez a sonogram.

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"After signing [the bat], Bryce looks at Will and says, 'Happy Anniversary and congratulations by the way,' and hands Will the picture," Lauren told mlb.com. "Will was just caught up in the moment and couldn't process what was happening. Then it hits him; Will turns to me and with the most confused and excited look on his face says, 'Really?!'"

Will couldn't contain his excitement, and he's continued to share his awe on Twitter:

Harper and Will's newfound friendship continued on Twitter as Harper even gave a suggestion for a baby name:

Image from Twitter
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