LDS Math Major Asks English Teacher How to Ask Out a Girl, His Tweet Goes Crazy on Twitter

Editor's note: The tweet below contains mild profanity. 

Asking someone out for the first time is nervewracking. 

You have to find that balance of asking in a sweet way while not going overboard and ending up just plain creepy. 

And so sometimes, you just need a little help. Like this LDS math major who got help from his college English teacher. 

Using the rhetorical triangle as a guide, Jacob Moreno asked a girl in his class, Hannah, out for the first time. 

And it looks like it worked. 

Not only was the date a hit, but the tweet Moreno shared showing how he asked his date out was liked almost 400,000 times and retweeted more than 98,000 times. 

With so much recognition and creativity that went into asking for a first date, maybe a second one will follow.

Lead image from Twitter
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