LDS Missionaries Still Healing One Year After Brussels Bombing, Remember the Blessings, Miracles They Experienced

by | Mar. 22, 2017

Mormon Life

"I don't like a lot of attention with it. I don't really want to relive those emotions," says Richard Norby, a senior missionary injured in a terrorist attack last year. "But it's important to remember the blessings we had that day and the tender mercies that happened."

Mason Wells and Richard Norby still nurse open wounds on their legs.

Dresden Empey had surgery last week to remove a piece of shrapnel nestled against a nerve in his leg.

Sister Fanny Clain is scheduled to have surgery on her wounded ear in two weeks.

One year to the day after a terrorist carted a murderous bomb within yards of four Mormon missionaries and detonated it, killing 16 people, each of the four say they carry both physical and emotional scars.

A pyschologist told Norby the first year would be for physical healing, the second for emotional healing. In fact, they all seem confident about their futures despite deeply mixed feelings about March 22, 2016. As they continue to recover, their emotions are a startling jumble of spirituality, positivity, and love mixed with constant reminders.

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