LDS Mom Shares Harrowing Account of Man Breaking into Her Home When She Was Alone with Her Young Daughters

by | Sep. 26, 2016

Mormon Life

What a terrifying experience. We are so grateful the family is safe.

Chelsea Eddington was watching a movie with two of her daughters Friday when a loud bang inside the house disrupted their routine day.

"I really just thought it was a shelf that had fallen off of my wall," Eddington said.

She went downstairs to check out what happened and was confronted by the worst possible explanation for the noise: Someone was inside her house.

"I must have looked kind of frightened because he just told me, 'I'm not here to hurt you,'" Eddington said. "He didn't have a shirt, half his faced was bruised. … He looked like he had just been beaten up."

Lead image from Deseret News.
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