LDS Mothers of LGBT+ Called ‘Mama Dragons’ Share Stories of Love

by | Oct. 09, 2015

Kimberly Anderson presented her yearlong work, “The Mama Dragon Story Project,” at Writ & Vision, a bookstore in downtown Provo on Tuesday, Sept. 29. The project contains photos and essays written by women who refer to themselves as “Mama Dragons.”

“Mama Dragon” is the name that LDS women who are mothers of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and other children gave themselves. The idea behind Mama Dragons is that they love and support their children no matter what, and they protect their children from those who may not demonstrate kindness or understanding.

Anderson said these women’s stories all share similar themes: love, loss of expectations, grief, fear and guilt. Anderson said she hopes this project will be published into a book that will change the world.

Tom Christofferson, the openly gay brother of LDS apostle Elder D. Todd Christofferson, spoke about his mother at the event.

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