LDS Nonprofit Founder Interviewed by "ESPN" for Partnering with BYU Students to Create Life-Saving Drill

by | Sep. 19, 2017

Mormon Life

BYU students and WHOLives nonprofit founder John Renouard have saved the lives of millions with their invention. Now their success has caught the attention of many major news outlets, including ESPN. Here's how their invention came to be:

Anyone visiting the unremarkable backyard of John Renouard is bound to notice a large, steel machine standing at the edge of the flower garden. The machine is painted blue and yellow and lacks any engines or electronic parts.

But what isn't apparent at first glance are the millions of people across the globe who now have access to clean water, all thanks to this prototype.

The machine is called the "Village Drill," one of many models envisioned by Renouard and developed by BYU students six years ago.

Lead image from Deseret News

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