LDS Preach My Gospel Themed Family Home Evening Ideas

We've been encouraged to use this great manual on occasion in FHE.

Please feel free to tailor the following Family Home Evenings to your family's needs. I added a small section where I plan on just going around in a circle and each family member says "I can preach the gospel by..." and then sharing a way to do so based on the concept learned that night.

Also, I print these out and glue them to the front of file folders. I add anything I need to the inside of the folder and it makes it handy for a quick on the spot FHE or Sunday activity.

Fishers of Men

Purpose: Learning about the qualities of the Savior and finding them in my own life.

Display GAK 209 Calling of the Fisherman

Scripture: “At the beginning of His mortal ministry, Jesus Christ walked along the shore of the sea of Galilee and called out to two fisherman, Peter and Andrew. “Follow me,” He said, “and I will make you fishers of men” (Matthew 4:19, Mark 1:17) “The Lord has also called you to His work, and He invites you to follow Him. The invitation to follow Christ is an invitation to follow His example and to become like Him.” (p. 115 PMG)

Song: Called to Serve (p.249 Hymns)

Have paper phones or a cell phone for the children to hold up on the word “Called”. Just like the phone, will we answer Heavenly Father’s call to us?

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