LDS Primary Sacrament Meeting Presentation 2010

With billions and billions of people on the earth, who am I?
How is it even remotely possible that God will answer my prayers and help me receive revelation? Where does He find the time to help everyone?
Why do I even matter?

Woah people... we're getting a bit deep and I wish I knew that answers, but I don't.
Time to step out on the porch, sip some Mug's and look at the stars. Relax.
It doesn't matter that we don't know the "hows" or "huh's?".

All that matters is this: Did you know there was a topical guide topic of God-Access to??
Now, in this section of the study helps, we find 44 different references to the fact that God is there for us.
4. Bam. 4.

What does this mean? You don't need to worry, you don't need to stress! Take another swig of that root beer, wink at the stars and take it to the Big Man. Primary Program here we come!

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