LDS Rapper Releases Song Every Mormon Needs to Hear: "Treasure"

Whether or not you like rap, you need to hear the message behind James the Mormon's latest music video, "Treasure." Though we're not perfect, though we've all had questions and we all stumble, we are treasure in the sight of our Heavenly Father. 

James Curran, a.k.a. James the Mormon, who topped the iTunes charts last week with his album I'm not a Rapper, is back in the spotlight with a new rap. "[My song] is to anyone who has felt pain..." Curran told ABC 4 News.  "No matter who you are, we're all going through something.  We're all hurting, but God sees us as treasure, so let's stick together."

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Curran made a promise to himself on his mission that he would always make sure people knew about his faith and what he stood for, something he's stayed true to in his music.

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