LDS Skier Captures Video of Himself Falling Off 150-Foot Cliff, Survives with No Injuries

by | Jan. 26, 2017

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While enjoying a little fresh power, skier Deven Stratton suddenly found himself heading straight for a 150-foot cliff. And his GoPro caught the terrifying but miraculous events as Stratton escaped without a bruise.

Though Utah’s litany of snowstorms isn't known to make anything safer, they may have recently saved one Utah man’s life.

Devin Stratton was skiing with his friend, Matt Galland, on Tuesday, Jan. 18 through the Aspen Grove route to the Mount Timpanogos summit when he misinterpreted the route and skied right off the edge of a 150-foot cliff, nearly the equivalent of falling off the Kimball Tower at Brigham Young University.

Stratton did not suffer so much as a bruise, but was skiing with a GoPro and captured the footage of his fall, which Galland later posted on Facebook where it spread quickly.

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