LDS Stake to Throw Benefit Concert with Nashville Tribute Band to Raise Money for Methodist Church

by | Mar. 19, 2015

News from Utah


It started with one stake in Vancouver, Washington organizing a "Life Of Christ" Easter celebration. But eight years later, it's turned into something incredibly special. 

"The goal of that [first] event was to invite people of all faiths to come a celebrate with us our common belief in Jesus Christ," explains Stake President Dean Barrus. "This year, as part of the event, I wanted The Nashville Tribute Band to come and perform their Redeemer album as part of the same effort."

20197Redeemer: A Nashville Tribute to Jesus Christ, features newly written songs and presents a unique perspective on Christ through the eyes of those who walked and talked with Him, including John the Baptist, a blind man on the street, the woman taken adultery, the Apostle Peter, and a soldier and the thief at the Crucifixion. Several songs are written to be stand-alone numbers that focus on the big picture of Christ's ministry, and other songs are tender portrayals from unique individual perspectives.

During discussions with the band about organizing the Christ-centered celebration, however, something came up that added even more meaning to the performance. "We learned of this AME church who needed funds to help repair their church house," Barrus says. "We decided to make this concert a benefit concert to raise funds to help them." 

"We are thrilled to be headed to Vancouver," The Nashville Tribute Band said on their Facebook page. "We are so very humbled to be invited to participate in this great event!"

“I go out of my way to play these gigs,” says Dan Truman of shows like these. He's one of the band's rotating members who will be performing in Vancouver. “Everybody’s heart is in a great place, and it’s fulfilling on so many levels. My favorite show that I do is the Nashville Tribute show.”

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“This is what we do to give back,” Jason Deere, successful LDS songwriter and producer of the event, explains when speaking of the band. “We all love to serve as members of the Church.”

"It is my conviction that Latter-day Saints need to celebrate the great good done by other faiths," Barrus adds. "And this is a way we decided to help them. In that process, all are blessed."

Tickets for the concerts cost $10 and are available at lifeofchristevent.com/ntb or by calling 360-818-4762. Performances will be held at the Vancouver School of Arts & Academics at 2pm & 7pm PDT. 

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