LDS Teen Becomes First Scout to Earn All 142 Merit Badges and 20 Palms

by | Jun. 20, 2016

Mormon Life

The Allen family lives and breathes Scouting. From grandparents to the youngest grandson, they’re all Eagle Scouts or working on becoming one.

No one in the family is more involved than 18-year-old Spencer Allen. According to meritbadgeknot.com, Allen is the first scout to earn all the available merit badges and 20 palms. One palm signifies five merit badges earned after a boy scout becomes an Eagle Scout.

When he was 12, Allen set a goal to earn all merit badges and palms by earning five merit badges every three months. 142 merit badges and 20 palms later, his goal was finally reached in May. Most merit badges took eight hours to complete and some took as many as 20, he said.

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