LDS Teen Survives Severe Car Accident Just 1 Week Before Her Mission

by | May 11, 2016

Mormon Life

With missionaries safe and accounted for after the devasting 7.8 magnitude earthquake in Ecuador, and missionaries surviving the bombings at the Belgium airport, here's another miraculous story of a future missionary escaping a close call.

Imagine driving back from some one-on-one time with your dad before you leave the country for 18 months, and suddenly the car is off the road and upside down. 

This is what happened to Jisu Lee just one week before her mission.

While driving to the start of the Greenstone/Caples Track in New Zealand on December 29, 2015, the back tire of the car popped, causing the car to swerve a few times and flip vertically and horizontally until the vehicle ended up in a ditch, according to Lee's Facebook post.

"Within a blink of an eye, Dad and I were hanging upside down inside the car with only the seatbelt holding us up," Lee said.

Miraculously, both Lee and her father were able to get out of the vehicle without a scratch. 

"There is absolutely no doubt that Heavenly Father protected us," Lee said. 

Lee was later set apart as a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and is serving in the Seoul, Korea mission. 

Read the full account in Sister Lee's words:

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