LDS Temples 101: a guide to understanding us Mormon folk and our love of the Temple

"5 days until I receive my endowments and I get sealed to my parents. Holy hurry up batman!"

When I posted this on Facebook, I received a lot of questions, because my friends didn't know what I was talking about. That's when I realized, I'm totally posting in "Mormon-Speak".

Because I want everyone to share in my excitement, I've decided to break it down, and try and explain what all the hoopidy-doo is about!

When I get my endowments, I'll be making my first trip ever to the Temple. See, us Mormon folk have two main buildings that we use. We have our "meeting houses" which is the building we go to every Sunday for our church service (just like all the other Christians out there). Anyone and everyone can go to this building! It also is where we do our activities like sports, fellowshipping events, etc.

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