LDS Volunteers Give Family of Deceased MTC Chef a Beautiful Surprise

"I would do anything for Wesley."

The sentiment voiced by Ariel Peterson, friend and dance partner to Wesley Valdez, was echoed by many of the 40 volunteers from Good Deed Revolution who showed up to renovate the Valdez family's lawn last week. 

Wesley's father, Conrado Valdez, was a portrait of the American dream. He came to the United States through The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and worked tirelessly to provide for his family once he arrived. His job as a chef at the Missionary Training Center helped to support his two children attending BYU. Sadly, Conrado recently passed away from a heart attack, leaving a grieving family behind.

When Tanner Long, an intern at Good Deed Revolution, heard about Conrado's passing, he organized a massive service project for the Valdez family: a yard makeover. In one morning, the GDR volunteers removed an overgrown tree in the front yard, out-of-control shrubbery in the back yard, and an old play set. They mowed the lawns; cut, stacked, and organized the firewood pile; and planted a beautiful flower garden.

Check out the footage from the awesome service project below!

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