LDS Week in Review: 4 Must-Read Stories (Oct 11-17)

Tabernacle Choir Announces Unique Christmas Concert Guests


Mormon Tabernacle Choir director Mack Wilberg gave listeners a sneak peek into some unique circumstances for this year’s Christmas performance. Traditionally there are two guest artists at the holiday concert, but one of those artists this year, Wilberg explained, is an entire neighborhood – the Sesame Street Muppets. Elmo himself helped Wilberg release the good news! 

The second performer was announced as Santino Fontana, who made an appearance with the choir earlier this year for the Pioneer Day concert. He is thrilled to return to Salt Lake City to perform again with the choir. Because of the performers this year, Wilberg also announced a special adjustment to the age limit of attendees, which has traditionally been age 8 and up, to age 5 and up.

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History Channel ‘Pawn Stars’ Appraise Rare Book of Mormon


Recently, History Channel's popular television show Pawn Stars featured an unusual—and valuable—artifact familiar to Latter-day Saints: an 1842 fifth edition copy of The Book of Mormon. Adam, who owned the book and brought it in, explained that theological books are not often very valuable, but because of the history surrounding it, valued it at $25,000.  

1842 copies of The Book of Mormon are actually the scarcest of all copies of the Book of Mormon. It is the last edition printed under the direction of the Prophet in Nauvoo.

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4 Surprising Mistakes LDS Parents Make (and How to Avoid Them)


Good parenting, as James E. Faust said, “Is the greatest challenge in the world.”[I] Because we know that families are eternal and central to God’s plan for us, we understand the great importance of doing our best to be good parents.Here are four parenting mistakes to avoid as you strive to protect and strengthen your family.

1. Not Prioritizing Your Marriage

Marriage is not “’til death do us part,” but can be “for time and all eternity” and should be treated with this eternal perspective.

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How to Never Be Late to Church Again

How to Never Be Late to Church Again

Essentially three tasks need to be accomplished on Sunday mornings to get to church on time: Everyone has to be fed. Everyone needs to get dressed. Everyone needs to find the belongings essential for Sunday morning success. Here's how to do it all:

Set the alarm clock. The tasks that need to be completed on Sunday morning involve movements that are as precise as those of the weekday ballet that gets everyone to work and school on time. Time does not expand to the tasks that need to be done just because it's the Sabbath. Commit to getting up early on Sunday just like the rest of the weekdays. (If moms and dads get up several minutes earlier than the children to get ready for their day, everything works better.)

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