LDS Week in Review: 5 Must-Read Stories (Dec. 28-Jan. 3)

by | Jan. 04, 2014

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Viral Mormons in 2013


Remember the LDS dad who wore "short shorts" to teach a lesson about modesty, or the adorable Mormon man who woke up after surgery and thought he was meeting his wife for the first time? Here at LDS Living we love all things Mormon, and every once in a while, we see one or two Mormons turn into internet stars overnight in a phenomenon known as “going viral.” We picked our top 5 viral Mormons of 2013, and our collection of viral Mormons from 2013 almost went viral itself! 

Pop over to the full blog to see what videos, posts, and pictures made the cut for our top 5 viral Mormons of 2013.

How to Improve your Sundays


With the new year upon us, there are a lot of great spiritual resolutions you can have for a brighter 2014. Our favorite? Making Sundays more spiritual. Check out these 10 steps you can take to improve your Sundays in 2014, from packing a "church bag" to having "table time" to being smart about meals and snacks. There are definitely a lot of great ideas for easy ways to be a little better about keeping the Sabbath day holy.

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A Day at the Ghana MTC


For many who haven't served missions, the goings-on inside an MTC are something of a mystery. And even more many who have served, the daily life inside the 3-story MTC in Ghana stands as an interesting point of comparison: on intake day, they welcome 83 new missionaries from around the globe, but many of the young missionaries, half of whom are recent converts, will spend 11 days inside the classrooms before being sent out. Many will also take out their endowments for the first time here--unlike at the Provo MTC where missionaries come already endowed. 

It's definitely a different experience, but the gospel still thrives in Africa. Read more about the goings on in the Ghana MTC over at the full article

Motherhood Myth: 'Babies Ruin Bodies'


Have you heard this before? "Babies ruin bodies." We love this rebuttal post--which is going viral this week--that talks about the deep significance that can be found in the marks that are left behind on a mother when a baby is born. Just one moving quote from the full article: "Those mountains of skin are all I have left to prove that we were once one and not two. How can I be ashamed of that?" 

How to Stop Hating Your Ward


We've all been there--sometimes there's just something about the group of people in your ward that makes them very hard to love. Ask Angela gives 4 great tips of what worked and didn't work for her when she struggled with this issue: do participate more and pray for positive experiences, but don't try to learn everyone's name or set a goal for 100% attendance. Easy enough? Read what else Angela had to say about learning to love your ward. 

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