LDS Week in Review: 5 Must-Read Stories (Feb 28 - March 6)

Church Announces New Adoption Policy


David McConkie, LDS Family Services adoption group manager, explains the gist of the new arrangement: "The Church has signed an agreement with Adoption.com where the Church, through LDS Family Services, will be able to have Adoption.com post profiles for eligible couples through the end of February 2016." 

In other words, for the next year, LDS couples looking to adopt can use the Adoption.com website—a subscription that usually costs $199/month per family—and the Church will pick up the tab. Following the February 2016 date, members can still use the service, but at a substantial discount. 

"The Church really has never done anything like this," explains McConkie. "We’re moving from our agency model that just helped a very limited number of LDS members around the country to a model where any family that meets some basic criteria can be eligible to take advantage of this new program which will give them so much more exposure than we’ve ever done."

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Church Announces Support of New LGBT Anti-Discrimination Bill


A new bill proposed in Utah this week has been touted as a model for the rest of the country in compromising between religious and LGBT rights.

If passed, Senate Bill 296 would make it illegal to fire or deny housing to someone based on gender identity (or their position for or against homosexuality), with the exception of religious organizations and the Boy Scouts of America. The bill does not exempt individuals or for-profit businesses.  

Elder Christofferson and Elder Perry were on the scene at a press conference Wednesday, where advocates of the legislation presented it to the media.

"After a considerable amount of hard work, we believe that the Utah legislature has wisely struck that balance," the Church said in a statement. "While none of the parties achieved all they wanted, we do at least now have an opportunity to lessen the divisiveness in our communities without compromising on key principles.”

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LDS Woman Shares Her Battle With Pornography (Video)

Addictions (especially pornography) know no limits. But, as one woman discovered, neither does the Savior's grace.

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Dog Welcomes Home Missionary (Video)

Two years is a long time for anyone. Watch this dog's reaction when his missionary comes home.

How to Help the Youth See Modesty Differently and A New Modest Online Marketplace


Sometimes it’s easy to forget that modesty is more than just clothing—it is a way of thought, action, and attitude, in addition to dress. 

And although the fundamental principles of modesty have not changed since many of us were teenagers, the times and world situations that young women and men are living in today are ever changing—and the way we need to approach modesty with youth is in dire need of a makeover itself.

-->Learn what changes you can make to see modesty in a new way

Nava Brief-Fried is passionate about fashion and design, but most of all, she's passionate about helping women find modest clothing. That's why she created a modest marketplace for women around the world.

Brief-Fried, now 24 years old, grew up in a Jewish family and has lived in Israel since she was 4 years old. In keeping with her religious standards and her own preferences, Brief-Fried has dressed modestly throughout her life. Because it has been difficult for her to find fashionable clothes that meet her standards, Brief-Fried created ModLi, a modest marketplace for designers and consumers.

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