LDS Week in Review: 5 Must-Read Stories (Jan 10 - 16)

Missionary and Mission President's Wife Separately Called to Serve on the Other Side of the Veil

19352Nathan McBride, left, and Elder Granillo of Puebla, Mexico. COURTESY ROBERT MCBRIDE

This week we saw two tragedies from within the mission field and our hearts go out to all those connected to these faithful servants. Sister Carol Vaughn Curran Hansen died unexpectedly Wednesday after she collapsed at the mission home. She was only 69. In Mexico, 20-year-old Elder Nathan Castle McBride was at a ward soccer activity when he also suddenly collapsed. He had been in great health, and his death remains a mystery. Please add your prayers to ours for these two families who have lost faithful loved ones this week.

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Mitt Romney Shares 5 Tips for Financial Success

5 Pieces of Financial Advice for Mormons from Mitt Romney

This week, Mitt Romney spoke to a full house at Abravanel Hall in Salt Lake City. Discussing everything from terrorism to global warming, he also shared a few bits of wisdom to help people improve their financial situation.

Don’t expect God to make you rich.

“There are a lot of people who think that God wants to make them rich because they will pay a certain percentage back to Him,” he said. “He’s doing more important things than worrying about your money—you’ve got to worry about your money. Don’t invest on faith, or just hope your investments will do well.”

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Miracle for LDS Dad: Surviving Two-Semi, 26-Car Pileup


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When BYU grad Kaleb Whitby’s truck smashed into the semi-trailer, the force spun his car around.  “While I was sitting there helpless and in the dark, I looked out my passenger window and saw lights coming straight at me,” Whitby recalls. Those lights he saw through the water-streaked window were the lights of an oncoming semi.

“I could hear it coming, the brakes, the engine, and then the crash,” Whitby says.  

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Missionaries Cut Through Russian Ice for Unique Baptism (Photo)


This photo is another reason to "like" the Book of Mormon (at least on Facebook): check out this amazing shot shared by the Facebook page The Book of Mormon: Another Testament of Jesus Christ on Friday

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9 More Things People Get Wrong About Mormons

9 More Things People Get Wrong About Mormons

"Where are your horns and tail?" 

Well, where are yours? Actually, even though I’ve heard this before, I didn’t think anyone actually believed it—at least not today. But several LDS Living readers shared their experience with this myth:

“Did you know that Mormons have horns? True story! Back in 1977, I was talking to a sailor at Newport News Shipbuilding and Dry Dock who honestly thought that.”

“A kid in third or fourth grade said he heard that we have horns and a tail. We apparently keep our tail hidden and file down our horns so people won't know about them. Even at 8 or 9 I found that so funny that I wasn't mad or embarrassed.”

"I had a guy on a plane get really really surprised to realize that the person he had been chatting with for a couple of hours (me) was a Mormon, because he sincerely believed that we all had horns, and I did not. No joke--an educated businessman in the '90s who was heading to Park City to ski, and he was not kidding."

The important thing to remember: Mormons are people, just like everybody else. Right down to our lack of horns and tails.

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