LDS Week in Review: 5 Must-Read Stories (July 18-24)

by | Jul. 25, 2015

Mormon Life

36 Things You'll Never Hear Someone from Utah Say

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1. Mormonism? I don’t have an opinion about it.

2. Sure I can spell Tooele — just sound it out.

3. I didn’t see any car accidents on I-15 all week.

4. I’m really stressed about the population decline in this state — no one seems to be having kids anymore.

5. The air quality alert on the interstate says I shouldn’t drive during rush hour — I’d better turn around and not go to work today.

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What Happened When My Rabbi Told Me to Read the Book of Mormon

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I would like to share my conversion story with you—to help others who are searching for the truth learn what light can come into your life from embracing the gospel, and to encourage you to share your light with the world.

I have been searching for God my entire life. My story is a testimony of the power of faith and God’s love for His children.

I was born and raised in a Jewish home. My father is an atheist, so neither God nor Jesus Christ were spoken of in my home. In my synagogue, I was taught from an early age that Jesus Christ was a false prophet, and to cringe upon hearing his name. Although I didn’t learn much about my relationship with God from my parents, I did inherit from them a thirst for knowledge and truth, a love for service, the value of friendship, and a talent for music.

From the time I was very young I wanted to believe in God and learn how I could get to know him better, but I didn’t know where to find him. These desires led me to ask everyone I knew about their beliefs. Most of them professed to believe in Jesus Christ, but couldn’t answer my questions and doubts. I looked at the world around me and thought, “The world is too perfect—there must be a god.”

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Former LDS Chapel May Become Haunted House

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Some people think old, abandoned buildings have ghosts haunting the halls.

But for the old brick building on the corner of 13th Street and Lee Avenue in Idaho Falls, those who have haunted it have been solid flesh and blood.

When Idaho Falls business owner Tyler Price first toured the building, evidence of vandalism was rampant. Graffiti, broken windows, shattered light fixtures and singed carpet from fires set inside were apparent all over the building.

Price, who owns the Austin Kade Academy cosmetology schools in both Idaho Falls and Pocatello, is looking to purchase the building to open a culinary arts school, but the structure requires extensive repairs.

"As it stands, it works perfectly for the culinary academy," Price said. "There isn't anything I want to change. I just want to restore."

To fund the renovation, Price came up with the idea of turning the building into a haunted attraction. The profits generated from the attraction would fund the creation of the culinary school.

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24 Angels Who Visited Joseph Smith

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“He was visited constantly by angels,” Elder George Q. Cannon said of Joseph Smith. “These various angels, the heads of dispensations, . . . ministered unto him. . . . He had vision after vision in order that his mind might be fully saturated with a knowledge of the things of God, and that he might comprehend the high and holy calling that God had bestowed upon him” (Journal of Discourses, 23:362).

Here are are some of those heavenly messengers that helped teach Joseph Smith the truths of the gospel:

1. Adam

2. Abraham

Father Adam appeared to the Prophet in a vision recorded in D&C 137, along with Abraham and Joseph's brother Alvin.

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12 Ways to Care for Yourself While Caring for Someone with Mental Illness

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I read once that when one family member is mentally ill, it can be as if the whole family has a mental illness because establishing emotional equilibrium for everyone can be difficult.  That being said, it’s important to keep in mind that no two situations are alike. For example, in some cases, the person with the mental illness has a strong awareness of their situation, which can be very helpful; however, in other situations, the person who is struggling may have limited or no awareness of their illness. 

Whatever the case may be, when someone you love suffers from mental illness, it can be easy to neglect your own well-being, further intensifying an already challenging situation. If your loved one is struggling, give yourself (and them) a gift by taking good care of yourself. Such self-care will make life less stressful and will help you meet their needs.

Here are 12 suggestions to get you started: 

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