LDS Week in Review: 5 Must-Read Stories (July 19-25)

3 Words Married People Should Stop Saying to Singles


A little while ago I went on a date with a new guy. He was very nice and polite, active in Church, good-looking, and seemed to have a stable job.

So why don’t you want to marry him?!” my Mom asks later, clearly frustrated by my lackluster report on the night. (Okay, so maybe she didn’t use these exact words but I know what she meant.)

I tried to calmly explain what was missing, which was that I didn’t feel any sort of connection with the guy. She sighed with disappointment and issued the following pronouncement: “You’re too picky.”

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Is Food the Mormon Vice? 


Lately I’ve been pondering about my love of food—and I realized I’m not the only person out there who struggles with overeating. For some people, food is no big deal. For others (like me), it’s the biggest trial of their life. We Mormons are no different. We’re commanded to live the Word of Wisdom, and the commandment is pretty black and white about some things. No alcohol. No coffee. No tobacco. No tea. But it’s not completely black and white on everything. For example, there’s no specific part of the 89th section of the Doctrine and Covenants that tells me I can’t eat an entire pan of brownies. So is it ok if I do? (I confess nothing…) 

If we have such good direction from the Lord on what we should put into our bodies, why does food often seem to be the vice for many of us Mormons? 

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14 Church Puns So Bad They're Actually Hilarious

Puns don't normally need a lot of attention, because a good pun is its own re-word (ha!). But these hilariously groan-worthy LDS and scriptural puns simply have to be shared. They're sure to leave you laughing!



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10 Things LDS Singles Wish You Knew


We may think we know the singles in our ward—who they are, what makes them tick, what they want out of life, and how we can best meet their needs as members of our wards—but how often do we stop and ask our single friends and acquaintances to tell us in their own words what they’d like the rest of us to know about them?

As a single Latter-day Saint, church experiences are different from the “norm.” We took some time to talk with a dozen or so singles and former singles (particularly those who spent some real time being single past the age of 21) and invited them to tell the rest of us what they’d like us to know about their experience as singles in the Church.

Not surprisingly, we found the conversations eye-opening and enlightening, and some of the themes and opinions came up again and again. 

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Why I was Wrong to Blame My Wife for Our Messy House

16402I was building shelves in my garage when a neighbor girl, one of my 4-year-old daughter’s friends, approached me and said, “I just saw in your house. It’s pretty dirty. Norah’s mommy needs to clean more.”

“Some people find comments like that rude,” I said.

The little girl looked at me with a snarky smile and said, “yup!”

What really sucks about what 5-year-olds say is that they are 100 percent honest. And indeed, our house was a mess. 

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