LDS Week in Review: 5 Must-Read Stories (Jun 28 - Jul 4)

First Presidency Statement: Priesthood, Questions & Apostasy


In light of recent events sensationalized by the news media, the First Presidency in conjunction with the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles released a statement this week concerning priesthood roles, member questions, and the nature of apostasy:

"In God's plan for the happiness and eternal progression of His children, the blessings of His priesthood are equally available to men and women. We understand that from time to time Church members will have questions about Church doctrine, history, or practice. Members are always free to ask such questions and earnestly seek greater understanding."

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LDS Intimacy: My Story

15991I’ll be the first person to admit: I got married young. I was engaged at 18, early in my second semester of my freshman year at college, and married by 19. I was also the first of my siblings to be married and the first of my friends. In fact, the first wedding I ever attended as an adult was my own.

Like many young LDS adults, I looked forward to my wedding and all the exciting changes it meant mentally, emotionally, and physically. I had no idea that I was signing on for a yearlong journey that would test my commitment to my husband and his to me as we struggled to figure out what movies and culture make look so easy: physical intimacy.

I bawled on my wedding night. And not the pretty “I’m so happy right now” kind of tears. On what was supposed to be one of the happiest days of my life, I was wracked by heart-wrenching sobs born of a deep sense of inadequacy and emotional pain.

We couldn't make anything work.

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Mormons Who Rock


In an industry known for partying hard, "Mormon rock star" might seem like an oxymoron--but not for these Church members who are rocking the music scene! Find out what rock'n'roll celebrities you already know who are also LDS.


Ryan Raddon, aka Kaskade, is probably the hottest music phenom you've never heard of. In 2011 the New York Times declared the Grammy-nominated DJ/music producer the "new face of electronic dance music." This faithful Church member and father of three married his wife, Naomi, after serving his mission in Japan. Kaskade fills stadiums all over the world and commands a salary of more than $200,000 per night. Yes, you read that right.

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LDS Marriages: Fiascoes and LDS Gifts


This week brought us some great content for LDS marriages, old and new!

Whether you're married or not, this great list of LDS wedding fiascoes will have you rolling on the floor laughing. Check out one of our favorites: 

"I was left at the temple. My brand new husband left me at the temple...to go to the luncheon. In his defense, he didn't know he was supposed to wait for me to finish getting dressed so we could go together! Apparently this was something we should have discussed beforehand. I hitched a ride over to our luncheon with my parents. It was awkward."

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As a wedding guest, make sure you don't end up part of a story like that with these 14 LDS wedding gifts that won't get returned. One fabulous idea? 150 Unforgettable Dates by Haley Miller. With fun ideas for couples' activities on the cheap, newlyweds will thank you for all the great memories they'll make! (And hey, maybe even pick up a copy for yourself!)

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Bearing Your Testimony: 5 Powerful Tips


Unlike a talk, which is usually prepared in advance, testimonies are usually given spur of the moment, and that makes them a whole different kind of difficult. But a personal testimony, accompanied by the Spirit, is one of the more powerful teaching tools we have. When we testify of truths, even ineloquently, others' spirits can recognize that they've heard this truth before. Bearing testimony is foundational to our faith.

So the next time you feel prompted to share your testimony--we hope this Sunday!--don't panic, and remember these guidelines and tips shared by members of the Brethren.

Use "I know" statements A testimony is most simply and most powerfully shared in "I know" statements. As Elder Ballard explains, "My experience throughout the Church leads me to worry that too many of our members’ testimonies linger on 'I am thankful' and 'I love,' and too few are able to say with humble but sincere clarity, 'I know.'"

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