LDS Week in Review: 5 Must-Read Stories (Mar. 1-7)

Modest Fashion at the Oscars


After hearing every opinion about celebs and modesty at the Golden Globes, we set out to find fashions at the Academy Awards to better inspire modest Mormons. The photo gallery features eight beautiful dresses from celebrities like Naomi Watts and Glenn Close. 

Here's to the hope that dresses like these continue to grow in popularity--and that these high-end styles eventually trickle down to stores near you! Until then, check out the gallery and pin the styles you like to be inspired later. 

Ultimate Guide: Swimsuits 2014


Modesty was a hot topic this week--after we saw great dresses at the Oscars, we saw some fantastic swimsuits already out the racks! It may only be March, but it seems swimsuit season is already here! We scoured the top modest swimsuit styles to bring you our top picks in our ultimate modest swimsuit guide for the 2014 season!

See all fourteen picks.

Mormons & Hollywood: 5 More Fun Facts


From Battlestar Galactica to many a Disney movie, Latter-day Saints have helped shape their fair share of Hollywood history. And they're going to help shape some Hollywood's future, too: two LDS novels are slated to be made into movies, and a Mormon is even co-writing the next Star Trek blockbuster. Refresh yourself on our first five Mormons & Hollywood facts and then check out five more fascinating tidbits about how fellow Saints are shaping more of of the Hollywood scene. 

Six Sisters: Recipes for Kids


From Creamy Chicken Lasagna to Brown Sugar and Bacon Green Beans, this week the Six Sisters shared five easy recipes kids with absolutely love with LDS Living readers. In their words, "Dinnertime should be quality time, not a battle over food. If you have a picky eater or two, check out these tried-and-true family favorites. Simple yet delicious, these recipes are sure to please even the most finicky kids." 

Don't forget to pin the recipes for later!

Sacrament Cliches

We've heard them all before. From the man who's lived in the ward twenty years and starts his talk with "for those of you who don't know me" to telling the story about how you ended up at the podium because you couldn't dodge the Bishop, sometimes sacrament meetings can start to all sound the same when these cliches are in play. And when you line all these sayings up, the phrases change from a list of go-to transitions and turn out to be quite a hoot!

This throwback video from Latter-day Night Live made a comeback this week--and even if you've seen it before, it's worth watching again: 

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