LDS Week in Review: 5 Must-Read Stories (Mar. 15-21)

My New Husband: "I Was Never Attracted To You"


This wonderful story of discovering a lasting sense of self-worth comes from a new title at Deseret Book, Why I Don't Hide My Freckles Anymore: Perspectives on True Beauty. The language is so personal and moving, and the message so vital, you simply can't miss this story:

"Six months after our wedding, my husband and I gingerly approached a topic that was becoming obvious to both of us—he was not physically attracted to me.  

"No, he was not gay. He was, however, embarrassed to be discussing with me feelings he didn’t have for me. He felt shallow and ashamed. He was still certain I was the very best choice for a life companion, but he had never really thought of me as attractive."

Find out the amazing realization of true beauty the anonymous author comes to in the full story

Church Asks "Ordain Women" to Reconsider Protesting


In light of last year's events, when members of the "Ordain Women" activist group attempted to get tickets for the priesthood session of general conference, Church public affairs woman Jessica Moody wrote a letter to the group on behalf of the Church requesting that they reconsider protesting again at next month's meeting. The letter reads, in part:

"The priesthood session of general conference is designed to strengthen men and boys as they receive specific instruction about their roles and responsibilities; there we are unable to fulfill your request for tickets. 

[. . .]

"Activist events like this detract from the sacred environment of Temple Square and the spirit of harmony sought at general conference. Please reconsider."

You can read the full letter online. 

What I Gave Up When I Married at 19


Getting married quickly and young is such a staple of Mormon culture that jokes about LDS engagements litter every Mormon humor page on the internet. But what are these young people "giving up" when they get married at such a young age? 

LDS blogger Natasha Craig, who was married at 19, explains how getting married young worked for her in this viral post:

"Yes I did give up YEARS of my life that I can NEVER get back or change.  

"BUT the difference between me and you is I don't regret one day, minute or second of those years.  

"If anything... I wish I had began this incredible journey called marriage sooner, because nothing I have ever done, or could ever do, has filled me with as much love, happiness and peace as this."

The full post includes many great insights about the character of marriage and is a definite must-read, a la "Marriage Isn't For You"--make sure you check it out

Talking to Your Daughter About Pornography


We know pornography is a threat for our sons, but what about our daughters? This week you can't miss this advice on how to help your daughter recognize the dangers of pornography, and also how you can help protect her by making sure you talk about it, monitoring electronics use, asking questions, knowing what your daughter knows, and leading by example. 

If you suspect your daughter already has a problem, be sure to tell her, express your concern, offer help, and work together. 

Pornography isn’t just a male problem, and it’s important we also know how our daughters are being targeted and how to protect them. Learn more in the full story.

Poll: Have You 'Reconsidered Sleepovers'?


If you missed our first post about the potential dangers of sleepovers, you missed quite the controversy. After hearing both sides of the issue in a spirited online debate, this week, we followed up, and asked our readers: have you reconsidered sleepovers? Currently, 65% of respondents say they won't allow their children to go to sleepovers, 19% say the will allow it, and 16% are still unsure. 

Where do you stand? Head over to the poll page to cast your vote and let us know why you're for or against sleepovers. 

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