LDS Week in Review: 5 Must-Read Stories (May 31 - June 6)

How an 11-Year-Old LDS Girl Became a Football Sensation


Sam Gordon was only nine years old when her dad posted a video of her football highlights and the world fell in love with the LDS girl whose "sweet feet" were unbeatable on the football field.

Now known as "Sweet Feet" both on and off the field, Sam attributes her success to the knowledge she has that, with hard work and determination, all her big dreams are possible.

Now, at 11 years old, Sam is the author of a book that encourages children everywhere to pursue their goals, no matter how impossible they may seem. She's seen how empowering it is to believe in yourself, and she hopes to share that message with everyone. "I don't think this story is just about me," she says. "It's about what we can accomplish even when other people think we can't." 

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One Secret Every Missionary Needs to Know


There's a secret to LDS missionary work that some missionaries learn quickly and others learn through lots of trial and error. No matter how prepared you already feel for the rigors of working with a companion to spread the gospel, this secret is essential to remember, and preferrably commit to before embarking in the full-time service of the Lord.

So what is this one must-know secret every missionary should master before entering the mission field?

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10 Slam Dunk Father's Day Gifts


Looking for the perfect gift for Dad? Father's Day is coming up fast, but we've got you covered!

Does he like history? How about The Lincoln Hypothesis or a patriotic art collection?

Maybe he'd like something more spiritually uplifting? Try I Will Lead You Along: the Life of Henry B. Eyring

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8 Powerful Reminders for Missionaries Who Come Home Early


Coming home early from a mission is never easy, even if it was an "honorable release." If you or someone you know came home earlier than planned, we hope these uplifting reminders will help with the transition. 

For example, number 4-Truth vs. Culture. "

Remember that there is a difference between truth/doctrine and the culture of the Church. When there is any shame, guilt, or embarrassment pushed upon you by anyone in the Church for being honorably released to come home from a mission, they just may not understand the truth. The truth is that God loves you and through the atonement of Christ and his grace, you are the same as you were before the mission, with unlimited eternal potential. Potential to become like God. And just like any other member of the Church, you must activate that power in your life every day."

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Updated Provo City Center Temple Time-Lapse 

The construction of the Provo City Center Temple is steadily nearing completion! See how much progress they've made in this awesome updated time-lapse!

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