LDS Woman Vanishes Without Trace, Family Shares Heartbreaking Experience & Hope

by | Nov. 19, 2015

Mormon Life

MR says: "The days missing are now 26, and with each day added our hearts break just a little bit more," writes the aunt of a missing LDS mother of five. But the family still holds out hope. Her sister, Joy Gonzala, recently posted on Facebook, "We love you Nikki. We will find you. We’re never giving up on you.”

Not many of us are spared the experience of waking up to something we hope is a nightmare and then realizing sleep has let us forget for a while. We see things on the TV news that seem unbearable and wonder how people can keep positive under the grief. Well, my extended family and I are finding out how, and it is not easy. Things like this happen to other people — surely not us.

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More than three weeks ago, my sister’s daughter, 41-year-old Nicole Coletti Harris, whom we call Nikki, disappeared. She often hiked in the Rock Canyon hills of Provo, Utah, so the search was concentrated there at first. However, even with hikers searching, helicopters flying, dogs sniffing, posters everywhere and a reward posted, no concrete information has turned up.

Lead image from Deseret News of Nicole Coletti Harris surrounded by her daughter Brooklyn (left) and grandson Ayden after the birth of her daughter Remington (Remi) Harris, July 4, 2014 (Provided by Harris family).
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