LDS Women Talk Addiction & Mental Illness in Brutally Honest Video Campaign

by | Oct. 29, 2015


Ashley Sargeant battles bipolar, anxiety, and depression—and she fearlessly shares her struggles and her triumphs over mental illness. In fact, she has created a new campaign, #IAMSTIGMAFREE to spread her message of hope and healing.

Recently, Sargeant created a series of interviews that she has shared to her YouTube channel where women have shared their own stories of addiction and mental illness in raw, heartbreaking, but incredibly inspiring videos.

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Last month, Sargeant released a 30-day survival guide for early-returned missionaries to help them overcome stigmas, realize they are not alone, and remain secure in their testimony of their Savior. In this latest project, Sargeant hopes to help women battling mental illness similarly overcome stigmas and understand the hope and inherent value in their  lives.

Meet Saydee Taylor—a fearless fighter of bipolar II and suicide.

Meet Karli Carr—a fearless fighter of anxiety, depression, food addiction, pornography addiction and PTSD. 

Meet Ashley Sargeant—a fearless fighter of bipolar II, anxiety, and depression while battling strong symptoms of ADD, OCD, and PTSD.

Meet Lindsay Titus—a fearless fighter of drug addiction, alcoholism, and codependency. 

Meet Jessica Oberg—a fearless fighter of OCD and anxiety.

Meet Ashley Frederickson—a fearless fighter of ADHD, OCD, anxiety, and depression.

Meet Seantay Hall—a fearless fighter of anxiety and depression.

Meet Ashlee Schroeppel—a fearless fighter of anxiety, depression, and PTSD.

Meet Maryanne Nelson—a fearless fighter of depression.

Meet Megan Rogers—a fearless fighter of anxiety and depression.

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