LDS World: Susanna in the Apocrypha is a great example of virtue

A lovely story illustrating the value of virtuous living is personified in the tale of Susanna, found in the Apocrypha. While the Apocrypha is not canonical — some parts of it are true, others are not — the Lord taught the Saints, “whoso is enlightened by the spirit shall obtain benefit therefrom” (Doctrine and Covenants 91:5). We learn that there is much that is good in the Apocrypha and it can be discerned as we read under the inspiration of the Holy Ghost.

This is certainly true as we study Susanna, whose narrative is so compelling that it comprises a chapter in my book, "On to Victory: Women Empowered by the Gospel," set for release this spring by Deseret Book.

The wife of Joakim, a widely respected leader of the Jews in ancient Babylon, Susanna was “a woman of great beauty; and she was God-fearing, because her parents were worthy and had instructed their daughter in the Law of Moses” (Jerusalem Bible, Daniel 13:2–3).

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