LDS World: The Saints in Ghana

Kwabna's father is a good man who sacrificed to get an education, works hard and provides for his family. He is a civil engineer for the largest construction company in Ghana, and each workday he leaves the house by 8 a.m. Following a long day's labor, he socializes with friends before returning home around 8 p.m. Although consistent with Ghanaian customs,  his schedule leaves little time for family interaction. Kwabna explained, "I didn't often see my dad — he was not a family dad. He didn't play with me."

Nevertheless, this was certainly preferred by Kwabna to the model followed by some Ghanaian men who drop a few dollars on the table in the morning, then spend the day "hanging out" with friends, drinking and expecting dinner to be ready when they return. Their wives are often unappreciated and burdened with trying to find ways to provide as well as raise a family and care for the home.

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