LDS cleaning guru gives advice, specifically to parents of the mission bound

The best way to help prepare a young man for a mission is to stop doing his laundry, cooking for him and cleaning up after him.

So says a Mormon cleaning guru who's built a successful career on correct cleaning principles.

Don Aslett, a former bishop in the Marsh Creek Ward in the McCammon Idaho Stake -- who at 74 has more than 50 years of experience teaching people to clean efficiently and well -- said it does missionaries no good to be babied.

"One year before their mission, quit doing their laundry, cooking their meals, clipping their toenails. Cease all tending to their every need. The worst thing you can do is protect and insulate them," said Aslett, who served in Hawaii as a young man and in Boston with his wife as a senior couple. "Change the meaning of CTR to 'Clean The Room.' Instead of 'Put Your Shoulder to the Wheel,' make it 'Keep Your Shoulder to the Wheel.' Don't be a Litter-day Saint."

Aslett said he's found that those who are sloppy in their habits tend to be sloppy in their keeping of commandments. Those who keep their physical house in order keep their spiritual houses in order.

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