LDS hospital branches are full of joy

Like wild flowers, some sweet things in life happen beyond our view. That's how I feel about the little LDS branches that have blossomed in hospitals around Utah. Their wondrous good works and spiritual power remain something of a secret.

But then the branches do operate somewhat under the radar. They have no unit numbers and no funds. They are dependent branches that pretty much exist for one purpose — to bring hope, healing and blessing to the lives of hospital patients and workers — LDS and otherwise.

There are more than a half-dozen such branches now, complete with branch presidencies, relief societies, high priest groups and instructors.

Bill Kettley is the current branch president at LDS Hospital.

"Each of our meetings are just a half-hour long, and our sacrament meeting speakers talk for just five minutes," he says. "And since we're in a hospital, we do wash our hands a lot."

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