LDS missionaries arrive and allegedly abusive boyfriend flees

by | Jul. 02, 2010

News from Utah

Police say a Salt Lake man beating his girlfriend with a hammer and metal bar ran away from her house when LDS missionaries fortuitously showed up.

The alleged attacker, Paula Finau Mahe, was at his girlfriend's house, 248 N. 1000 West, on May 21 when he started hitting her with a hammer, according to charges filed in 3rd District Court Wednesday.

The girlfriend tried to escape through a back door, but Mahe grabbed her and took away her cell phone, charges say. She managed to escape temporarily and tried to make it to the front door, but the 54-year-old man reached it before her and started hitting her with the hammer again, according to charges.

She told police Mahe followed her into a bathroom and started smacking her with a metal bar when missionaries for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints arrived and the man fled with her cell phone.

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