LDS missionaries featured in Ariz. newspaper

They are easily recognized by their dark slacks, white shirts and Bibles in hand, but missionaries with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints say their message is often misunderstood.

"We've had people slam doors in our faces, threaten to call the police or answer the door with a gun," said Elder David Dabasinkas. "We're not out to force ourselves upon anyone."

Dabasinkas said only a portion of their time is spent going door-to-door, or what is referred to in the church as tracting. The rest of their day is divided between visiting with members of their church, teaching lessons to those who have invited them into their homes and doing service projects, which have included everything from moving a piano for an elderly woman to helping with a sewer line project on someone's property.

"Whether they are interested in our message or not, we can help people," Dabasinkas said. "If you can tell us how to do it - and you don't mind a few mistakes here and there - we'll do it."

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