LDS missionaries in Guyana: What really happened

While the buzz surrounding the 40-plus LDS missionaries detained in Guyana centered on correcting inaccurate first-day media reports, LDS Church and government officials continued discussions Thursday over the missionaries' legal status in the South American country.

Wednesday in the capital city of Georgetown, the country's Criminal Investigation Department detained the missionaries of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

The Deseret News received e-mails from several missionaries serving in Guyana, both directly and indirectly through family members, unhappy with Wednesday's Associated Press report stating that the detained missionaries "could be heard singing 'We Shall Overcome' from their cells Wednesday night."

"Who in the world knows that song? Not us!" wrote one missionary, adding that the late-afternoon singing served as exercise to beat the heat and the boredom. "I want them to know we were singing church hymns for two hours and that we had done nothing illegal."

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