LDS movie review: 'One Good Man'

"One Good Man" is certainly one of the more professional looking and accomplished features from the most recent round of LDS-centric films. It has nearly everything you wouldn't expect from a lower-budgeted movie, including quality photography, editing, lighting, sound quality and performances. Unfortunately, the one thing the film doesn't have is a really compelling storyline. It's so mundane and ordinary that it starts to feel like outtakes from a dull reality television program.

Also, there's no sense of drama because the lead character always does the right thing and never really has a crisis of faith or conscience. As a result, the movie perhaps should be retitled "One Too-Good-to-Be-True Man."

Local actor Tim Threlfall stars as family man Aaron Young. This husband and father of six is a faithful member of the LDS Church.

So it's really no surprise to anyone when he's called to become the bishop of his ward.

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