LDS one of seven 'tribes' that can reverse nation's course

A writer suggests that Latter-day Saints are among seven faith "tribes" that can reverse what he calls the nation's course of self-destruction.

In his book, "The Seven Faith Tribes," George Barna lays out the reasons why he believes America is on the path to ruin, including the demise of civility, loss of respect for others and elected officials, a loss of universal standards and moral leaders, and no agreement of morality, ethics or generosity.

Barna, who leads the Ventura, Calif.-based research firm The Barna Group, then draws on his interviews of more than 30,000 people to document the seven faith tribes and their common moral underpinnings and characteristics that could help strengthen the nation.

Barna, who writes from a decidedly traditional Christian point of view, identifies the tribes as Casual Christians, Captive Christians, Jews, Mormons, Pantheists, Muslims and Spiritual Skeptics.

Latter-day Saints are apt to object to Barna's categorization of them outside of his "Captive Christian" label, but he does explain the reasons why such a schism exists. Even so, that doesn't discount the main thesis of the book, which has merit.

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