LDS singer's music goes beyond Mormon market

Vanessa Joy has always believed in the power of music to move and uplift. "It has always been an important part of my life," she says. "It inspires in ways that speaking can't."

So when Joy decided to go to a singer/songwriter workshop being held in her hometown of Phoenix, she knew she would find ways to make music more meaningful in her life. She didn't know that she would be swept into a course of life-changing events that would take her all over the country — and the world.

One of the instructors at the seminar was Marvin Goldstein, a Florida-based musician who has been active on the LDS music scene for the past 50 years. "He asked me if I'd like to do a project together," Joy said on a recent visit to Salt Lake City, where she are Goldstein were doing LDS firesides and other programs. "We began looking for music," she said. "I wanted to start with inspirational music, so our focus was on some of the old traditional hymns that have such timeless, beautiful messages. Many of them were new to me, but I had such an exciting time learning them."

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