LDS snowboarder may emerge as Olympic star

It is not hard to find the Australian snowboarding star Torah Bright against the stark white canvas of a superpipe.

She is the one practicing the toughest tricks, wearing shiny gold bindings, a baby pink jacket and her self-designed, gold crystal-studded ski goggles.

With her sunny personality, photogenic and fashion-forward appearance, and world-class skills, Bright lives up to her expressive surname.

And those traits, along with the coming Olympic visibility, could make her one of the more popular athletes next month at the Vancouver Games.

“I’m not focusing on anything but doing my best,” Bright said. “I know everybody says that, but that’s how I always approach every competition, whether it’s the X Games or the Olympics or something else. I certainly hope people get to see me compete, see what I can do, and then want to know about me. I am myself. I am going to be the same person whether I am on the podium, or not.”

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