LDS teen receives Army-Navy All American Award

Amid a stirring ovation and applause, a moved crowd of students, faculty, Army-Navy personnel, military cadre, family and friends at an American Fork High School’s singular assembly this morning, linebacker Ryker Matthews was selected as the Army-Navy All American player of the year—one of high school football’s highest honors. Thanking God, his family, his mother, his teammates, and his fans, Ryker graciously accepted the award, granted officially by the Chief of Staff of the Arm-Navy games.

Representing the Chief of Staff, Army-Navy officials mentioned that these athletes chosen for this award have demonstrated a commitment to excellence on the field and in their daily lives—“representing the same strengths and values demonstrated by Army soldiers including loyalty, respect, honor, and integrity.” Alluding to those and like Mormon values, Rebecca Rothey, Ryker’s mother, remarked just after the award ceremony, that in fact her very joy stemmed largely from the “choices Ryker has made that have led him to this point.”

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