Last Missionary in Brussels Bombing Returns Home

by | May 26, 2016

Mormon Life

After nine grueling weeks of surgery and recovery following the Brussels terrorist attacks that injured four missionaries on March 22, Elder Richard Norby is finally returning home to his family in Lehi, Utah.

Elder Norby was discharged from the University of Utah Medical Center on May 24. "For our family, this day was an absolute miracle," a post on the family's Facebook page shares. "He and our mother are now creating a new version of normal life for themselves with the addition of daily wound care of his legs and physical and occupational therapy sessions."

Elder Norby still has shrapnel wounds that require regular attention as well as burns and a broken left leg that are healing.

But, despite the emotional and physical trauma Elder Norby has endured, an update on Mormon Newsroom at the beginning of this month says Elder Norby continues to regain strength and that his memory and ability to communicate have not been affected. Though glad to be home, the Norby's miss their friends and the people of Belgium and France.

The family remains confident that “it will be ok, whatever ok is. It will be ok,” a phrase Elder Norby repeated often while recovering in Belgium and Utah.

The Norby family shared on Facebook, "Our family has been comforted and blessed with peace during this wonderfully trying time. . . . [We} would like to express our sincere thanks to a loving Heavenly Father and our Savior, Jesus Christ. God lives. He loves His children and knows each of our needs. While we don’t always understand his purposes for us in this life, we trust that He knows best and understand the important refining process of trials."

Lead image from Mormon Newsroom.
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