Learn Steps for Giving Better Sacrament Meeting Talks

by | Sep. 09, 2013

Lesson Helps

“Lift up your heart and rejoice, for the hour of your mission is come; and your tongue shall be loosed, and you shall declare glad tidings of great joy unto this generation” (Doctrine and Covenants 31:3).

Quoting this scripture, BYU communications professor Elaine Witt aimed to invoke courage into the audience as she described what some feel is “the single most dreaded task in the world,” speaking in sacrament meeting.

For members of the Church, speaking in sacrament meeting is not an uncommon occurrence. Even young people are often asked to speak. It’s part of the culture. “It doesn’t have to be dry,” said Sister Witt. “To begin with, don’t describe the process of how you were asked to give a talk by the bishop, and don’t tell everyone the topic you’ve been asked to speak on.”

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