Leaving notes

by | May 13, 2010

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Recently I chanced upon an article about a dad who has written daily letters to his two children. Robert Guest has been getting up at dawn every school day for the past 15 years to write a note to each of his two children, resulting in thousands of notes later collected from lunchboxes and pockets. Here’s the text from one of them:

The world, Joanna–you can’t imagine how beautiful it really is. Think of the different places–tropical islands, snow-capped mountains, deserts of sand, miles and miles of green fields. It’s awesome! Think of the kinds of weather–bitter cold – blinding sun – stormy wind and rain – cool breezes – warm winds. It’s awesome! Think of the people in the world –black & brown, yellow and red, and white – old, young and babies of each. It’s awesome! And just think. You get to be here in the middle of it all. So what do you do? You smile, you say “thanks” and you live! Love, Dad

Ah, the consistency! Every once in a while, I come across an idea that makes me wish I could go back and start parenting all over again.

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