Lei-laden Tahitians travel 14,000 miles to see the Hill Cumorah Pageant

Eighteen people. Two families plus a non-LDS friend along for the ride. Fourteen thousand miles in three weeks.

All for a chance to see the Hill Cumorah Pageant in upstate New York.

Dorina Pang-Siang Tarati, a family matriarch, attended the pageant in 1990. When the schoolteacher returned home, she planned to return to see the pageant with her family. On Friday, July 16, three generations did just that.

Theirs is kind of a reverse, modern pioneer journey which started in the South Pacific in Tahiti as the two families are from four islands: Raiatea and Tahaa (called the twin islands), Hiva Oa in Marquesas, and Tahiti. Most of the group speak French and Tahitian. In their homeland, there are few cars and even fewer that go faster than 50 mph.

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