Less is More: Learning to be Content

I've always thought I knew what it was to be content with the things I have. I thought our being able to live with only one car for three years while Oliver had a 20 minute commute that started at 0400 was somehow evidence that I didn't need everything there was out there, that I could sacrifice when need be. Then I moved here, and discovered living without a car is so small compared to the things we must live without today - things that we would have if we had a choice about it.

Like fresh fruits and vegetables, which are very limited and often less than appetizing after having been shipped in on a barge from who-knows-where to the base store. I was happy to discover there is a Bahamian couple who grows many of our favorites and brings them to the main gate of our base to sell every Friday evening. Recently, we went expecting to be able to buy some sweet corn, but they had sold out. When I asked, I discovered he had sold his last, and it would be months before he grew more.

I told Wyatt, my five year old, about this, and he was very sad. Corn on the cob is one of his favorites, and he'd been looking forward to getting some. I told him we would grow some of our own, something we've been doing with other vegetables. He looked up at me in frustration and said, "But that will take forever!"

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