Lesson 2-36 "Honesty"

by | Sep. 13, 2010

Lesson Helps

I really liked this lesson. Plus it's such a straightforward commandment, to be honest in all your dealings. You've probably had similar experiences to the one that this lesson is built around that you will be able to share with the girls. Sister Kapp's story is a good one. Better yet, it's firsthand, and it's from a general YW president = two thumbs up and a bonus point. But it may not be enough to build a whole lesson on. This one felt a little skimpy to me.

So, here are more memorable probably-true stories; see also

"Three Towels and a 25-cent Newspaper," from Bishop Richard C. Edgley, Gen Conf Oct 2006

"Be Honest," David E. Bednar, New Era Oct 2005

Since the school year has started, it's time for the annual chest-thumping about student cheating, plagiarism, and declining academic integrity. Whether students really are cheating more is debatable, but what is certain is that there are always new variations on technique, and new creative ways that some students find to circumvent the system and try to get the grade without actually earning it. Late this past summer there was a great article series in the New York Times, called "Cheat Sheet" - a fascinating 3-part series exploring how technology and the digital age are blurring the line for young people and the greater need for, ahem, re-education about academic honesty and intellectual scholarly property. Not to mention the great need for teacher/professor/adult modeling of honesty, which is sometimes sadly lacking. But it is an interesting proposition, that today's digital generation is so accustomed to cutting/pasting, mixing, making mashups, photoshopping, xeroxing, finding stuff free on the internet, and downloading/remixing/ and so-called "sharing" of music that copyright law and what's right are sometimes kinda hard to figure out.

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