Lessons from the Sacred Grove & the Beautiful Thing I 'Heard' There

I’ve never been to the Sacred Grove, but I’ve always wanted to go, so I was naturally a bit envious of my aunt when she posted a bunch of pictures of her trip on Facebook. She sent me a message later with a recording of the Sacred Grove [which I have shared at the end of this post], and after listening to the recording, I’ve been thinking about what I heard ever since.

Why do we call the grove “sacred”? I’m not sure when we as a Church started calling it that, but it certainly deserves the title “sacred”. Sacred means “connected to God”. It wasn’t sacred because of the location or the pillar of light. It was sacred to because of the connection. A confused, lost, young, immature, 14-year-old boy connected to God and got an answer to His question.

That’s why I have always wanted to go to 843 Stafford Road, Palmyra, NY 14522—because that place symbolizes a connection that each one of us wants to have. 

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