Let Us Oft Speak Kind Words Of Our Children

I had a friend who was a lot of fun to hang out with. I always looked forward to spending a girl's night out with her, and she was a great help to me during many a deployment. She was, however, one of the last people I would ask to watch my boys. This wasn't because I didn't think she could handle them, but more because it bothered me at how little good she seemed to find in her own children.

I knew she loved her kids because they were well cared for. She always made time for them, and would stand up for them when needed. When she talked about them in casual conversation, however, it seemed they had no redeeming qualities. When I would try to compliment one of them, she inevitably rolled her eyes and told me something negative this particular child had done. It frustrated me, and eventually led to me spend less time with her.

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